Logistec Stevedoring Inc. works closely with its customers in the bulk industry to provide economical and efficient handling of bulk cargoes. Through experienced personnel and modern equipment, Logistec maintains unparalleled expertise in the handling of bulk commodities.
We operate bulk-handling terminals suited to the specific requirements for the effective handling of these products. Our specialized terminals with our cranes, loaders, conveyors, and warehouses allow us to provide a high level of productivity and to guarantee quality service at the most competitive prices while minimizing any cargo losses or shrinkage and eliminating any potential for contamination through the use of innovative handling techniques.
Our professional services include the planning and implementation of innovative techniques to ensure the maximum loading capacity of vessels while maintaining vessel stability and security on route to its destination or the efficient discharge of cargoes and safe storage within our warehouses or storage pads. We are continually developing new methods to handle product to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, with care for safety and careful consideration of the environmental impacts.
Several key industries in which Logistec provides services are: grain, iron ore, coal, petcoke, wood pellets, woodchips, salt, alloys, fertilizers, sugar, concentrates, to name a few.