LOGISTEC handles varied cargo types throughout its facilities. We have grouped these into three main categories: bulk, containers and general cargo.


Logistec Stevedoring maintains unparalleled expertise in the handling of bulk commodities.

Logistec Stevedoring Inc. works closely with its customers in the bulk industry to provide economical and efficient handling of bulk cargoes. Through experienced personnel and modern equipment, LOGISTEC maintains unparalleled expertise in the handling of bulk commodities.

Several key industries in which Logistec provides services are:
iron ore,
wood pellets,
to name a few.
We operate bulk-handling terminals suited to the specific requirements for the effective handling of these products. Our specialized terminals with cranes, loaders, conveyors, and warehouses allow us to provide a high level of productivity and to guarantee quality service at the most competitive prices while minimizing any cargo losses or shrinkage and eliminating any potential for contamination through the use of innovative handling techniques.

Our professional services include the planning and implementation of innovative techniques to ensure the maximum loading capacity of vessels while maintaining vessel stability and security on route to its destination or the efficient discharge of cargoes and safe storage within our warehouses or storage pads. We are continually developing new methods to handle product to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness, with care for safety and careful consideration of the environmental impacts.


Our strategically located port terminals near road and rail infrastructure allow LOGISTEC to offer specialized container handling capabilities providing fast and efficient services and ease of transportation to their final destination, as well as fast turnaround of containers and vessels.

Our container-handling equipment and our qualified personnel are key in providing the speedy and efficiency of our services upon which LOGISTEC has built its solid reputation. Additional services such as container stuffing and destuffing, container repair, and other valued-added services are also offered at our facilities.

General Cargo

General cargo is a term used to describe any cargo that is non-containerized and not bulk.

LOGISTEC has developed a specific expertise in the handling of these cargoes throughout its vast network of facilities. At LOGISTEC, you can be assured that we will provide constant experienced supervision, close cooperation with shippers, shipping lines, freight forwarders and brokers, appropriate handling equipment, and unequalled operational expertise for the secure handling of these cargoes. Many of our terminals are strategically located near rail and road infrastructure.

Many of our warehouses have Wi-FI connectivity and cargo can be scanned and tracked within our inventory system. Data can be shared via EDI with customers as well as through reporting via our website for customers, truckers, and shipping lines. These tools can be customized to the customers’ specific requirements. Bills of lading with barcodes and electronic signatures can be printed or accessed online. Truck reservations can be made to ensure a quick and efficient turnaround of trucks. Customers can view real-time inventory through our customer web access tools and can even receive instantaneous notification when a delivery order has been filled.
Several key industries in which LOGISTEC provides services are:
refrigerated cargo,
forest products,
heavy cargoes,
dimensional cargoes.
Fruit and refrigerated cargoes involve special handling requirements. Temperature controls are electronically monitored and recorded around the clock to ensure optimal storage conditions for perishable products. Electric forklifts are utilized to minimize any emissions within the warehouses to protect the cargo and our employees. Services offered include: vessel stevedoring, cold storage, cold treatment, fumigation distribution, product repacking, stuffing and destuffing of containers, truck loading and receiving, preparation of documentation, inventory control, truck and labour scheduling.
LOGISTEC has extensive expertise in handling all types of forest products – from lumber and plywood to woodpulp and paper. LOGISTEC has developed specialized terminals to handle these cargoes. Services provided include: tracking by type, length and piece count, rail and truck loading and unloading, container stuffing and destuffing, distribution centre, etc.
LOGISTEC considers cargoes of steel, aluminum and other metals as precious and fragile cargoes. As such, we have developed expertise in the handling of these products at our specialized metals terminals. This expertise ensures the highest quality standards in handling your metal products at the most competitive prices through the use of qualified personnel, modern equipment, and advanced information technology. Skilled labour, well versed in the sensitive requirements of steel handling, enable the movement of steel products safely and efficiently without damage.
LOGISTEC plays a key role in helping meet renewable energy demands in North America by teaming up with the world’s largest windmill manufacturers to get their highly sensitive product to market. LOGISTEC has worked closely with logistics specialists, vessel owner representatives, trucking companies, railways and crane suppliers to ensure the productive, safe and damage-free handling of wind turbine equipment. To meet the needs of its customers, LOGISTEC has operations in strategic geographic locations on the Great Lakes, along the St. Lawrence River, and on the U.S. East Coast and offers strong operational expertise, available laydown space as well as its own crane equipment in many of these locations.
The efficient handling of heavy and dimensional cargoes requires proper planning, an extensive fleet of cargo-handling equipment and, most importantly, experienced personnel who understand the needs of the shipper as well as the ship operator. Turbines, generators, yachts, transformers, locomotives, cranes, heavy trucks and tracked equipment as well as all kinds of machinery are handled with care and precision. Skilled labour, well versed in the sensitive requirements of project cargo handling, enable the movement of heavy and dimensional cargoes safely and efficiently and without damage.