Our Sales Team

Guided by our vision and strong values, LOGISTEC’s sales team is focused on being proactive and committed to the highest standard of ethics.

Alain Pilotte

Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives

Bryan Sutton

Sales Manager - Florida

David Marceau

Sales Manager - Castaloop

François Marchand-Savoie

Sales Manager - Québec Region

Geoffry Lewis

Business Development Manager - Ontario

George Di Sante

Vice-President  Market Development - Bulk

Jay Baird

General Manager Sales and Marketing - USA

Jean-Marc Bélanger

General Manager Sales - East Canada

Jenna MacDonald

Jenna MacDonald, Sales Manager, Atlantic Canada

Jonathan Bourdages

Sales Manager - Bulk

Karine Labrecque

Business Development Coordinator

Philip O’Brien

Vice-President, Business Development

Simon Lambert

Sales Manager - Port Logistics