Logistec plays an important role as the provider of choice for safe, sustainable and creative solutions in the marine and environmental sectors in North America. It has proven to be an amazing success story, not just fueling the revenue line of the business, but also positioned the Logistec family name as one of the most successful business story in Canada.

Marie-Chantal Savoy joined Logistec in 2016. As the head of Strategy and Communications for the Logistec family, Marie-Chantal champions purpose-driven growth —both for our customers in the marine and environmental sectors – and within Logistec’ own walls.

For more than 25 years, Marie-Chantal has partnered with visionary leaders to build great brands. Her passion is helping them transform their organizations through brands with distinct purpose and experiences that combine the power of storytelling with insight and the magic of technology, to motivate and inspire people towards change.

Marie-Chantal had the opportunity to be a part of the impressive journey CN went through from 1997 to 2017 and before that work for Air Canada, Avenor and Cossette Publicité.