LOGISTEC is a service company providing specialized cargo handling solutions to its customers. The following are some of the services that LOGISTEC provides across its vast network of terminal facilities.


LOGISTEC’s primary business is to load and discharge vessels in port facilities across North America. Stevedoring requires a fleet of specialized equipment and experienced personnel. With over 70 years of experience in handling all types of cargoes, LOGISTEC can provide customized services in any location required for a customer, based on their requirements. LOGISTEC has found innovative solutions in order to provide these services in various types of locations, such as a floating dock solution in the Arctic, loading barges and reloading to ocean vessels for shallow-depth berths, and a multitude of other innovative solutions.

Warehousing & Distribution

LOGISTEC provides labour and equipment to handle the loading and unloading of cargo from truck or rail to and from our warehouses or outside storage. LOGISTEC maintains real-time inventory on all cargoes throughout its facilities. Other value-added warehousing services can also be provided such as the unitizing of woodpulp, rewrapping of paper rolls, restrapping of aluminum bundles, labelling or relabelling of cargo, consolidation of cargoes for shipment, and so on. Our warehouses are equipped with wireless technology to scan cargo in and out, track damages and repairs, and track cargo moves within the warehouse or outdoor storage area.

Container Services

In addition to warehousing and distribution, LOGISTEC has expertise in efficiently stuffing and destuffing of containers based on customer orders and bookings. Containers can be loaded to their maximum weight and then be delivered to the shipping line within the required timeframes. With the increase in container volumes, LOGISTEC has focused efforts to increase these services in many of its port facilities across North America, specifically in its Montréal, Norfolk, Halifax, Saint John, New London and Port Manatee terminals. In addition to stuffing and destuffing of containers, LOGISTEC also offers varied container-related services such as: empty container storage, container maintenance and repair, container cleaning, reefer, storage and monitoring, amongst others.

Drayage & Transportation

In many locations, LOGISTEC can provide trucking services to bring containers to and from our warehouses (or third-party warehouses) to container terminals. LOGISTEC ensures accurate documentation and timely services to ensure the most cost-effective operation for the customer. LOGISTEC can manage bookings, storage, chassis, trucks, documentation, and any other services required.

Passenger Services

LOGISTEC has been providing passenger services for many years in the St. Lawrence ports. Handling baggage and mooring passenger vessels are some of the key services offered.

LOGISTEC has a great deal of flexibility in its service offering and tailors its services to the customer’s requirements.