About Us

Solutions – Experience – Reliability – Honesty – Trust – Integrity
Logistec Corporation is a publicly traded company with activities in marine and environmental services.
There are five core values which guide Logistec and its employees:
Customer service: We respect our customers’ needs, their way of doing business and their culture. We try to anticipate customer requirements and can adapt our services offering to ensure long-term loyalty.
People organization: Our employees are our most valuable resource. We encourage our employees to behave in a manner that inspires others.
Operational excellence: We focus on leading-edge work techniques and processes.  We are always looking for new and better ways to provide our services to customers and ensure that we are cost-effective and efficient.
Innovation: We have the abil­ity to take charge, to question and challenge, and to undertake necessary decisions in a timely manner.  Working as a team with our customers, we ensure that we evaluate all opportunities and options, and then move forward with its implementation.
Professionalism: We abide by the strictest rules of commercial ethics and avoid any activity that may compromise our integrity and adversely affect commercial interest or reputation.