Logistec plays an important role as the provider of choice for safe, sustainable and creative solutions in the marine and environmental sectors. It has proven to be an amazing success story, not just fueling the revenue line of the business, but also positioning the Logistec as one of the most innovative supply chain enabler in Canada.

Rodney Corrigan was appointed President of Logistec Stevedoring Inc. in February 2019. He leads the North American cargo handling organization responsible for operational excellence and delivering unrivaled customer solutions.

“Our team’s goal is simple – create a safe and productive work environment where we can develop creative and sustainable solutions for our customers. Whatever the circumstances, our people have an uncanny ability to find solid solutions. We are definitely resilient! We are quite proud of that!”

Rodney joined Logistec 11 years ago. Prior to this appointment, he was Executive Vice-President, Operations and before that Regional Vice-President, USA and Maritime Ports at Logistec. Rodney has over 25 years of on-the-ground experience in stevedoring, supply chain and international logistics. Rodney is known for his strong track record of innovative problem solving, operational excellence and team building.

Rodney graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce and completed an Executive MBA at the John Molson School of Business in 2003.