Environmental Services

Logistec’s environmental services segment is comprised of its subsidiary, Sanexen Environmental Services Inc., as well as Sanexen’s affiliates. Sanexen provides services for the trenchless structural rehabilitation of underground water mains (using its specialized technology, Aqua-Pipe), regulated materials management, site remediation, risk assessment, and woven-hose manufacturing (through Niedner Inc.).

Sanexen has developed the Aqua-Pipe technology, a process involving structural lining with minimal excavation for the rehabilitation of drinking water mains from 150-600 millimetres in diameter (6-24 inch).

Work is under way to develop new products for larger diameter mains. This is a proven technology and has been used for the rehabilitation of water mains in Québec and Ontario for the last five years.
Sanexen also provides services for the management of regulated materials that includes the identification, packaging and handling, transportation, treatment and elimination.
Sanexen provides equipment and expertise for such services as water treatment, risk assessment and site remediation. 
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Since 2009, Sanexen owns Niedner Inc., a leading North American manufacturer of woven hoses destined to the fire-fighting market and the shale gas industry and the exclusive supplier of a component of Aqua-Pipe.  logo niedner-4 shaded halo

Sanexen’s services for regulated materials management include identification, packaging, handling, transportation, treatment, and elimination. They also offer equipment and expertise for water treatment, risk assessment, and site remediation.       logo sanexen eng_S_1

Sanexen has developed a proprietary technology and process for the trenchless rehabilitation of water mains, commercialized under the name Aqua-Pipe. Aqua-Pipe addresses structural lining issues with minimal excavation, and more than 1,400 kilometres have been installed across North America.        Print

Sanexen owns Niedner, a leading manufacturer of woven hoses, including specialized large-diameter hoses that are an integral component of Aqua-Pipe. Their plant in Coaticook, Québec, also makes fire hoses for the U.S. Forest Service.      logo niedner-4 shaded halo